One Punch-Man

Department Of Corporate Slave Rabbits

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Fuwami, a mysterious rabbit from the Moon who had just lost her job due to a restructuring in the company she used to work in, flew into the room where Shinjirou, an employee of a black company, lives.
Vol.5 Chapter 70.5: Epilogue
Vol.5 Chapter 69: Fuwami & Mofuko Are Forcefully Reemployed
Vol.5 Chapter 68: Fuwami & Mofuko Learn At A Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant
Vol.5 Chapter 67: Fuwami & Mofuko Fight Aging
Vol.5 Chapter 66: Fuwami & Mofuko Make Videos
Vol.5 Chapter 65: Fuwami & Mofuko And Surprise Relaxation
Vol.5 Chapter 64: Fuwami Goes Through Intense Training
Vol.5 Chapter 63: Fuwami & Mofuko In A Sudden Survival Situation
Vol.5 Chapter 62: Fuwami Receives Significant Damage
Chapter 61: Fuwami & Mofuko Try Their Hand At Drawing Manga
Vol.5 Chapter 60: Fuwami & Mofuko And A Compassionate Soul
Vol.5 Chapter 59: Fuwami & Mofuko And The Struggle To Spoil
Vol.5 Chapter 58: Fuwami & Mofuko And A Conducive Studying Environment
Chapter 57: Fuwami & Mofuko Work Away From Home
Vol.4 Chapter 56: Rapana Hones Her Cuteness
Vol.4 Chapter 55: Fuwami & Mofuko And A Culturally Shocking Encounter
Vol.4 Chapter 54: Fuwami & Mofuko Long For Something Special
Vol.4 Chapter 53: Fuwami & Mofuko Await God
Vol.4 Chapter 52: Fuwami & Mofuko Fuse Into A Powerful Form...
Vol.4 Chapter 51: Fuwami, The Laborer In Sailor Uniform
Vol.4 Chapter 50: Fuwami & Mofuko Make A Meal Of Professional Standard!
Vol.4 Chapter 49: Fuwami & Mofuko And Their Tidying Up Standards
Vol.4 Chapter 48: Fuwami & Mofuko Express Their Love In Song
Vol.4 Chapter 47: Fuwami & Mofuko At End Of Relaxation...
Vol.4 Chapter 46: Fuwami & Mofuko Enter The Zone Of Terror
Vol.4 Chapter 45: Fuwami & Mofuko Fear Being Pampered
Vol.4 Chapter 44: Fuwami & Mofuko Confront Bread
Vol.4 Chapter 43: Fuwami & Mofuko, Global Company Slaves
Vol.3 Chapter 42: Fuwami & Mofuko Remain Silent...
Vol.3 Chapter 41: Fuwami And A New Awakening
Vol.3 Chapter 40: Fuwami & Mofuko Are Into A Game...?
Vol.3 Chapter 39: Fuwami Fights Her Disease
Vol.3 Chapter 38: Fuwami & Mofuko, Towards A New Style...?
Vol.3 Chapter 37: Fuwami & Mofuko Fight Against Civilization
Vol.3 Chapter 36: Fuwami Leaves Proof Of Her Existence
Vol.3 Chapter 35: Fuwami & Mofuko Fuss Over Their Beds
Vol.3 Chapter 34: Fuwami & Mofuko Deal With Their Physique
Vol.3 Chapter 33: Fuwami & Mofuko Attempt Self-Sufficiency
Vol.3 Chapter 32: Fuwami & Mofuko And The Secret Of Their Birth
Vol.3 Chapter 31: Fuwami & Mofuko Fail To Match, Fail To Solve...
Vol.3 Chapter 30: Fuwami & Mofuko Become Shinobi
Vol.3 Chapter 29: Fuwami & Mofuko Go Wild
Vol.2 Chapter 28: Mashiro Comes To Enlighten
Vol.2 Chapter 27: Fuwami & Mofuko And A Shocking Encounter
Vol.2 Chapter 26: Makoto At The End Of An Experiment...
Vol.2 Chapter 25: Fuwami & Mofuko Step Into The Wide World
Vol.2 Chapter 24: Fuwami & Mofuko Yearn For Water
Vol.2 Chapter 23: Makoto Came, Makoto Saw, Makoto Stood
Vol.2 Chapter 22: Shinjirou Fights Against Mochi
Vol.2 Chapter 21: Fuwami & Mofuko Are Driven Mad By Mochi
Vol.2 Chapter 20: Fuwami & Mofuko Learn From A Movie
Vol.2 Chapter 19: Fuwami & Mofuko Are Driven Mad By Money
Vol.2 Chapter 18: Fuwami & Mofuko Grow Labor
Vol.2 Chapter 17: Fuwami & Mofuko Rely On Therapy
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Fuwami & Mofuko Fight Against Withdrawal
Vol.2 Chapter 15: Fuwami & Mofuko And Their Worth...
Vol.1 Chapter 14: Fuwami Faces A Sudden Reunion
Chapter 13: Fuwami's 24 Hour Coverage
Vol.1 Chapter 12: Fuwami Presses The Wrong Spot
Vol.1 Chapter 11: Fuwami Goes On Her First Errand
Vol.1 Chapter 10: Fuwami Lies Between Being Considerate And Being There
Vol.1 Chapter 9: Fuwami Overconsiders
Vol.1 Chapter 8: Fuwami Endures
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Fuwami Questions Her Orders
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Fuwami Stretches And Shrinks
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Fuwami Answers The Door
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Fuwami Desperately Wants To Put Them In
Chapter 3: Fuwami Receives Divine Revelation
Chapter 2: Fuwami Thinks Of Work
Chapter 1: Fuwami Descends From The Moon